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Good relationship between majority of tenants and landlords, research finds

We’re sometimes led to believe that the relationship between landlords and tenants is sour and that many tenants are unhappy with the levels of service they receive and the rental properties they live in.

However, a survey of landlords and tenants has shown otherwise – that, in reality, mutually beneficial relationships are far more likely than hostility and aggravation.

The latest findings from insurance firm Endsleigh, which spoke to 500 landlords and 1,000 tenants, has revealed that 50% of landlords are very pleased with their current tenants, while no fewer than 83% of tenants are happy with their current landlord.

What’s more, landlords are doing all they can to keep tenants happy, with 28% saying they would absorb the cost of rental increases to keep reliable tenants in situ for the long-term, while 40% of landlords said they would be willing to redecorate at their tenants’ request.

The research also showed that nearly half of landlords (47%) believe the government is not doing enough to protect the interests of investors in the private rented sector, with 17% claiming that current rental contracts don’t properly protect them.

Nevertheless, more than two thirds of the landlords that Endsleigh surveyed said that the advantages that come from being a landlord override the time, stress and money involved. Some 12% use rent as their primary source of income, while 36% use the money they earn from renting property to plan for their retirement.

Of course, one survey with a relatively small sample can’t be representative, but there have been many similar surveys saying much the same thing – that, in many cases, the relationship between tenants and landlords is often a lot better than is made out in the news.

The results of this survey mirror what we hear from our own contacts with landlords and tenants, and indeed our experience over many years.  That is not to say that relationships between landlords and tenants are always smooth – we also hear complaints from landlords and tenants about each other.  But problem relationships are very much in the minority.

As we know, a good working relationship between tenants and their landlord is absolutely vital to a long, mutually beneficial tenancy.

To work towards achieving this, landlords need to make sure that their rental properties are bright, attractive and welcoming, as well as ensuring – as long as the requests are reasonable – that they react to any issues and problems in a timely, professional manner.

At Letting Solutions our primary goal is to ensure that both landlords and tenants get the most out of their rental homes.

As West Lothian’s first dedicated letting agency, we have years of experience and knowledge to draw on, helping landlords to fill their homes with reliable, long-term tenants.

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