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Landlords reminded of electrical safety responsibilities

SELECT, the trade body for Scotland’s electrical sector, has launched a radio campaign to give a reminder to landlords of their legal responsibilities when it comes to rental properties.

With thousands of tenants and  students  heading to rental properties all over Scotland, the country-wide radio campaign is designed to prompt agents, landlords and tenants to conduct electrical inspections.

It has been compulsory, since December 2015, for all Scottish landlords to carry out five-yearly electrical checks of the fixed wiring and any electrical appliances in a home rented out privately.

While landlords must comply with these obligations, tenants should also be aware of the duty of care owed to them and ask for a copy of the electrical safety check once it has been completed.


Kevin Stewart, MSP for Aberdeen Central and the Scottish Government Minister for Local Government and Housing, has strongly backed the campaign, recently meeting with key figures at SELECT for further discussions.

“Government statistics have shown that 69% of all accidental fires in Scottish homes are caused by electricity. It is most important to continue to deliver the safety message to landlords,” Stewart commented.

He added: “SELECT is at the forefront of safety initiatives in the electrical sector in Scotland and this new campaign is a very helpful tool in ensuring that rented homes meet the Repairing Standard during tenancies.”

Anything promoting and raising awareness of the electrical obligations landlords have is clearly welcome. As we pointed out in a previous blog, there are a number of steps landlords need to take to keep their rental home electricity safe.

As a landlord, it is vital that you are clear on what you need to know and what you need to do.

SELECT’s radio campaign is a timely reminder of the responsibilities landlords have when it comes to electrics, especially at a very busy time of the year for new tenancies.

Of course, this is where a good, reliable letting agent comes into play, making you aware of your obligations and responsibilities and, if appropriate, taking on these tasks on your behalf.

Keeping tenants safe and sound should be any landlord’s top priority, so it’s crucial that no corners are cut or shoddy accommodation provided.

Looking at things more closely, the legislation – which falls under the Housing (Scotland) Act – covers installations for the supply of electricity and electrical fixtures.

It also details who is competent to carry out an electrical inspection. Electrical fixtures and fittings, appliances provided as part of the tenancy and the supply of electricity itself will all need to be in a good state of repair and in proper working order.

At Letting Solutions, West Lothian’s first dedicated lettings agency, we have the experience and knowledge to keep you on top of your electrical safety obligations.

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