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Make sure your rental property is protected this August

We’ve just entered August and so the chances of your tenants going on holiday have instantly increased. On the other hand, your property may be empty as you await new tenants in the autumn.

In both cases, it’s important that you carry out a few simple steps to make sure your property is properly protected while it’s empty.

Letting Solutions Blog - Protect Rental Property Summer

Does your landlord know?

If they’re going away for longer than a week, most tenants will let their landlord know. As with all things in life, though, there will be some exceptions.

With this in mind, if you have any reason to contact your tenants over the next couple of weeks, remember to ask them if they’re planning on going away for any prolonged period of time.

This can help you to plan for any temporary void periods and means you won’t be presented with a vacant property when you least expect it.


No false alarms

If your property is going to be empty, this is when the alarm system will really earn its crust.

During this time, make sure the alarm is in full working order and is in constant use. If your tenants are going away on holiday, make sure they know how to use it properly.


Set the stage

Burglary and break-ins are clearly a major consideration when your property is empty. As well as making use of your alarm system, it can help to ‘stage’ the property so it’s not obvious that no one is home.

If you’re about to encounter a void period you can do this yourself. However, if your tenants are going away for a significant amount of time, it could be wise to brief them on what to do.

You could leave a light on (or have some lights on timers if possible), leave the curtains half-drawn or leave a radio on to give the impression that someone is around.


Ask to visit

In the event that your tenants are off on holiday for a few weeks, you might want to check up on the property a couple of times while they’re away. Before you do this, make sure you get permission from them that it’s okay for you to visit.

Visiting the property while it’s empty not only helps with additional security, but provides you with the opportunity to uncover any maintenance issues and deal with them before they escalate.

If a property is left unattended for a long period, there could be a range of problems (damp, leaking boilers, damaged pipes) which could become more serious over time.

By carrying out some of the simple practices above, you can help protect your investment while it’s empty and ensure your peace of mind.


For further advice on how to protect your rental property this summer, or any other lettings guidance, please get in touch with Letting Solutions on: 01506 496 006.

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