How long is the average tenancy?

We’re frequently presented with figures for average rental prices and average yields, but it’s not that often we’re told how long the average tenant stays in a rental property.

It’s therefore interesting to take a look at a study recently carried out by a major insurer which focuses on just that.

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Tips to make your rental property more energy efficient

Energy, energy, energy – it seems to the buzzword of the day at the minute. With environmental issues dominating the news agenda, people everywhere are starting to look at how they can be more energy efficient and ‘green’.

This includes landlords, who can carry out a number of measures to ensure their rental properties are up to scratch when it comes to improving energy efficiency.

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Boost for West Lothian landlords as rents rise on a monthly basis

After another busy autumn period the local rental market remains in rude health as landlords continue to benefit from a shortage of rental property stock.

In fact, according to new research, the average residential rent in Scotland is now 1.6% higher than 12 months ago. This means the typical landlord is generating an additional £9 per tenant, per month when compared with October 2014.

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