How to avoid the most common landlord mistakes

As high house prices and tougher lending criteria leads people to rent for the long-term, the opportunities for landlords are growing by the day.

However, being a landlord isn’t a fool-proof way of making easy money. Like any major investment, it comes with some potential stumbling blocks despite the obvious rewards.

At Letting Solutions we have come up with a list of the most common mistakes landlords make and, more crucially, how to avoid making them.

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Pension pot buy-to-let investments needn’t be risky

With the government’s recently introduced pension reforms now allowing over-55s to cash in on their whole pension pot and spend it as they wish, fears of a buy-to-let boom have been flagged up.

While there are some drawbacks for savers who are considering becoming ‘silver landlords’, there are also many advantages. And most of the issues can be dealt with by enlisting the services of a good letting agent anyway!
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